Erasmus+ teacher training course

Erasmus+ | 26.01.2020

During the first week of term 2, two of our colleagues participated in a teacher training course at Europass Teacher Academy in Florence.

Two language teachers, Chafika Chahbi and Aisha Bové, took part in a course that was entitled 'Student-centred classroom: Teachers of promoters of active learners.' A number of different pedagogical concepts were presented and discussed, such as 'flipped classroom', 'task-based learning' and 'project-based learning'. The group of teachers was composed of a variety of nationalities with participants coming from as far away as Portugal, Australia, Austria and Reunion Island. This certainly allowed to get an insight into what teaching is like in other parts of the world.

Both teachers welcomed the opportunity to share examples of best practice in a multilingual and multicultural environment. The course proved to be enjoyable and it helped further extend a personal teacher toolkit that will help design lessons fit for a 21st century classroom.

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