Youth Start Challenges

Having signed the “Entrepreneurial Schools” agreement in 2016, the ECG takes part in the Youth Start Challenges programme. It is an international challenges programme (encompassing some 40 challenges in total to this date) developed by Professor Johannes Lindner. The programme can be implemented from primary education onwards and extends to the upper cycle specialisation years of secondary school. At the ECG, the challenges programme mainly affect the 4th grade classes. The proposed challenges encompass both economic and other non-economics-based topics and encourage cross-curricular involvement of the entire school community.  

Marché de Noël à l'ECG dans le cadre du Lemonade Stand Challenge


La 2e édition du marché de Noël a eu lieu le 17 décembre à l'ECG dans le cadre du Lemonade Stand Challenge organisé dans toutes les classes de 4e.

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