Code of Conduct

Our school is highly specialised in the administrative and business domain, and every member of the school community has the right to study and work in a safe, structured, productive and respectful environment so that each individual can freely develop. Every member of the school community has the responsibility to endorse the established norms and they must display exemplary behaviour. Those people that do not respect the Code of Conduct can/may face disciplinary actions, which can ultimately lead to expulsion.
In the following text, the masculine gender refers to female and male members of the school community.
I hereby commit to strictly respect the existing school policy.

Discipline: Attendance/ Punctuality/ School organisation

  • I arrive on time for my classes. In case I arrive late, I apologize to my teacher and justify my delay.
  • I attend all my classes and participate in all compulsory school activities.
  • I write my tests on the given dates. Each absence needs to be justified by a legal representative. After 3 days of absence or upon request, a medical certificate needs to be handed in to the secretary or the class teacher. [i]
  • My parents or I, myself, notify the school of my absence, and this should be done on the day of my absence before 8.05. If there hasn’t been any notice within 24 hours, the absence will be considered as not justified and a meeting with the headmaster can ensue.
  • In class, I do not wear a cap, a hat or a beanie. The only headwear which is allowed is the one in relation to a religious orientation. In any case, for identification purposes the face needs to be uncovered at all times. I also take out my earphones/ take off my headphones.
  • I make sure to present myself in appropriate attire. Clothes shouldn’t be excessively torn or frayed, underwear mustn’t be seen, the back, the chest and the navel need to be covered. Wearing tracksuits and leggings isn’t allowed nor are clothes with vulgar, sexist, aggressive and fascist inscriptions or slogans. If I don’t respect these guidelines, I will be sent home by the headmaster in order to change my clothes and come back with more suitable clothes as soon as possible. I’ll have to bring a written justification signed by my parents, otherwise the absence will be considered non-motivated. School is a public place which requires a formal dress code; clean, tidy and suitable clothes, which reflect the decency and the standards associated with our school and the administrative domain, which I am pursuing my studies in.
  • I will not disturb the lessons. I am not allowed to eat, drink (except for still water) or chew gum during the lessons. In the rooms equipped with IT material, no food or drink consumption is allowed.
  • I respect my teacher’s instructions and I refrain from displaying any disruptive behaviour. I respect the rules of speech prevalent in class.
  • I am only allowed to leave the classroom during the lesson to go to the restrooms and this only in case of an emergency.
  • If I am temporarily excluded from a lesson, I have to check in with the secretary.
  • I use an academic planner to write down any homework, revision tasks, tests or any other activities.
  • I hand in my homework on time, in a neat and tidy way, and having followed all the instructions; whether it will be marked or not.
  • I am aware that any kind of cheating is forbidden. I am liable to show exemplary behaviour displaying intellectual honesty. In case of plagiarism [ii], the mark 01 will be awarded and I might be sent to the headmaster.
  • I will communicate any change of address or phone number as soon as possible to the secretary. If not otherwise stated, all mail, even of a mature student, will be addressed to their legal representative. A mature student wishing to change this, needs to hand in a written request.
  • I am in possession of my student card, or my ID card, which needs to be shown when a person in authority requires it.

Respect/ Commitment

Self-respect and manners

  • I accept myself the way I am.
  • I express my ideas and values positively.
  • I take care of myself.
  • I trust my capacities and I love challenges.
  • I avoid any kind of behaviour endangering myself or others.
  • I meticulously respect the laws regarding alcohol consumption, use of tobacco and drugs.
  • I use mobile phones and other electronic devices responsibly. Meanwhile, if I choose to abuse of them by producing or receiving harmful, vulgar, indecent or inappropriate message or pictures, the school will apply the required disciplinary measures. In the same manner, if I refuse to deposit my phone in the smartphone boxes installed in each classroom, my mobile device will be confiscated and handed in to headmaster for a duration of at least 1 week, depending on the severity of my actions.
  • I adopt a polite attitude and safe behaviour in my actions and my movements at school. Thus, I keep an upright posture, avoid running and shoving.

Respecting others

  • The others need to be respected and I need accept them despite any physical or moral differences. Everyone has the right to benefit from the rights and freedoms laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nobody should be discriminated against on the grounds of their ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, language, religious or political beliefs.
  • I display a positive attitude and I do not tolerate any form of physical, verbal or psychological violence.
  • I express myself in a respectful manner, in my verbal as well as in my non-verbal language and refrain from using vulgar language.
  • I take off my headphones, caps and hats when entering the school building.
  • I maintain a noise level which is compatible with a good learning environment and this, above all, in spaces where pedagogical activities take place.
  • I display a kind of team spirit which is open to communication and exchange. I take into account other people’s opinions and views.
  • I contribute to the creation of a positive environment by offering support and assistance in the resolution of problems and conflicts.

Respect for material things

  • I make sure that the exterior (school grounds, lawns) is kept tidy by refraining from throwing things to the ground.
  • I make sure that discarded items are placed in the appropriate recycling bins.
  • I make sure that energy and resources are not wasted.
  • I make sure to throw left-over food in the bins provided in the school and not in the classroom bin, in order to avoid the spreading of bad smells. Meals and snacks are only consumed in the school cafeteria or the school hall.
  • I put all the material in the classroom cupboard and take all my school material home at the end of the day. I am not going to put anything on the window sills. I can rent a locker, upon payment of a deposit, to store my school material. The right to use the locker can be cancelled if it is used to store inappropriate items (such as perishable food, dirty clothes or shoes, forbidden or dangerous objects). The lockers need to be emptied before the summer holidays.
  • I contribute to the cleanliness of the premises (classrooms, hallways, restrooms, school hall).
  • Under no circumstance, am I to use the computers installed in the classrooms. Access to these computers is strictly limited to authorized staff. Students can use the computers located in the research library (CDI).
  • At any given time, I respect the safety instructions.

This code of conduct aims to foster the students’ responsibility and autonomy, two very important cornerstones enabling them to succeed in life.

[i] En matière d’excuse des absences une réglementation spécifique est applicable aux étudiants de BTS, qui sont priés de se référer à la réglementation en vigueur qui les concerne.
[ii] En matière de plagiat une réglementation spécifique est applicable aux étudiants de BTS, qui sont priés de se référer à la réglementation en vigueur qui les concerne.
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