"True generosity towards the future means giving our all to the present"
Albert Camus, The Rebel

We live in the present thanks to our past experiences and we move towards the future thanks to our dynamic and innovative objectives in the business and administrative field.
The Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion - School of Business and Management (ECG) is a unique school in Luxembourg, due to its educational offer and its highly valued expertise in the economic and social domain. The school is constantly changing and can look back on 50 years of experience, 25 of which have also been dedicated to higher education.
Opening up to the economic world, the ECG is a place where knowledge is acquired and competences developed, in cooperation with the economic and entrepreneurial world. The school certainly has adopted to the changing times by diversifying its approaches and pedagogical methods and forms of support. The school has the ambition to lead its pupils and students towards realising their projects, supporting and encouraging their efforts, progress and success. It is committed to assuring a brilliant future while at the same time preserving values from the past and looking for partner schools across Europe, to open up towards Europe and the entire world.

The ECG offers:

  1. A 4-year study course in the general technical regime, in administrative and business section.
  2. CG – Business and Management
  3. CC – Business and Communication
  4. A 2-year higher education course in the technical degree (BTS) in the business domain
  5. Assistant de direction (executive assistant)
  6. Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal (accounting and tax manager)
  7. Gestionnaire en commerce et marketing (business and marketing manager)

The school welcomes 500 pupils at the general education level and approximately 200 students in the BTS programme every year.

Our teachers’ main concern is to help students succeed, and they engage their experience as well as their pedagogical and professional skills to reach this goal. However, academic success depends on the young person’s willingness to work hard.

Our objective, which we aim to realize, is to guarantee the success of each and every pupil and student, their personal development and their employability.

Our ambition is to provide high-quality and demanding teaching thus being able to lead the pupil to higher education and the student to their professional career, or even entrepreneurship.
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