Measures against absenteeism

With the aim of reducing school drop-out rates, the principal, class teachers, as well as the members of the SePAS (Service psycho-social et d’accompagnement scolaires) have elaborated a common framework against absenteeism.

The goal of these measures is to offer systematic support to students who are frequently absent in order to prevent potential failures and to reduce the risk of dropping out.

Class teachers monitor every student’s absence rate and intervene in the case of unusual and repetitive patterns of absence.

To better respond to the requirements of the pupils and to find a solution tailored to their needs, communication with and engagement of the parents are considered to be key components.

The different steps taken in case of frequent absences are the following:

  • The class teacher contacts the pupil
  • The class teacher contacts the parents and informs the SePAS
  • The class teacher contacts the parents via mail to schedule a meeting with them and the pupil (possibility to arrange the meeting in conjunction with the SePAS)
  • Intervention of the class council and the principal

Mature students are entitled to hand in one hand-written excuse per semester. Afterwards, they have to present an excuse written by their parents or a medical certificate.

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