Social assistance/Subventions

Social care:

  • reception and management of individual requests for financial aid by destitute students: subsidies
  • housing assistance for adult students in psycho-social distress
  • facilitate school integration and support students in difficulty in the event of conflicts or discrimination
  • collaborate with the school medicine service: confidential file / medical visit
  • development of preventive offers and promoting student well-being: prevention

Contact: Lisa BOSSI

Confidential file

At the start of every school year, the School Psycho-Social and Support Service distributes a confidential form to pupils, which must be filled in by parents whose children suffer from health problems requiring care at school (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy etc.). The confidential form is to be given to the head teacher on the first days of the start of the school year. It is important for the teachers and the School Health Service are informed of these problems to guarantee special supervision and adequate support for the student.
» Fiche confidentielle ES 2019-2020

Visite médicale

School medical services carry out practical medical examinations with pupils, apprentices and students benefiting from pre-school education, primary, post-primary or higher education, differentiated education or vocational training. Students in schools and educational courses are obliged to participate in medical examinations.
At the ECG, a medical examination is organized for pupils in 3e.


Attention: deadline exceeded for this year! No more requests can be accepted for this year. A new request may be submitted from September 2020.
Subsidies for low-income households for pupils attending secondary education in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The subsidy consists of a single installment which will be transferred in April 2020. The application for the subsidy for low-income households has to be repeated every year.
This financial assistance may be allocated to students from low-income families attending full-time formal or general education.
The amount of the subsidy is determined on the basis of the net household income as well as the number of dependent children.
Electable students can withdraw the request form for subsidies at the Psycho-social and School Support Service (SePAS) of the school starting from September 17, 2020. The requests will be thoroughly checked with the utmost discretion. Students who have already benefited from this grant must also complete a form for the new school year.
The requests in question must be submitted to the SePAS no later than 31st October 2020!
For further information, please contact Ms. BOSSI Lisa, social worker for the SePAS at the ECG. Contact: 2604-5347.
Please find the official letters issued by the MEN, as well as the subsidy calculation scale below.
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