In the economic world, as we are very well aware at our school, conclusions are quickly drawn, especially for things that are new. At our school, a lot of developments have taken place, which was achieved through collaboration with parents, pupils, students and teachers. This is exactly what creates a great school community.

I will not enumerate all the single events and activities, as they are all equally important and they can be likened to a jigsaw puzzle. Each and every piece contributes to a beautiful final picture, which is, in our case, multicultural, colourful, demanding and geared towards the future.

Our school’s logo stands for the young and dynamic image that we want to transmit. The same holds true for our school’s slogan “Living the future today.” One shouldn’t hold on to the past and the obsolete at the cost of new developments. One should learn from past experiences and tread new and innovative paths in order to prepare our students for their future in the best possible way. We strive to foster entrepreneurial skills by equipping them with the necessary levels of responsibility and leadership skills to thrive in society.

The quality of work provided at school does not solely depend on the headmaster and his colleagues but also on the cooperation of the whole school community. At the ECG, a string sense of energy is palpable, people are willing to help meet ever-changing demands and foster the school’s uniqueness.

Our school does not isolate itself and does not shy away from new challenges but rather tries to build up a network of companies and partner-schools throughout Europe.

Apart from the regular classes ranging from 4e to 1e and the evening classes, the ECG has been the first school to offer three BTS-level tuition. These three courses have had a long tradition and have been built on experiences gained since 1990. As a result, new are courses are being elaborated to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the professional world.

If one has reached one goal, one should not rest but feel motivated to face new challenges that lie ahead. In order to do this, one needs confidence, courage and visions – together we are strong and we need not be afraid of facing the future.

Joseph Britz
Head of School

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