Cours d'appui

Students at the ECG can profit from a variety of forms of support lessons catering to the individual needs and level of each learner.

Support lessons à la carte (CA)

Key steps to apply for support lessons:

  • The pupil who wishes to benefit from support lessons contacts the teacher (per mail or via Teams)
  • The pupil and the teacher fix an appointment
  • The CA takes place either at the school (for example during the lunch break or after classes) or as distance course (for example via Teams)
  • The help offered is provided on an individual basis, but if teachers see that a certain number of pupils have the same problems, they can arrange group tutoring lessons
  • If the student does not show at the appointed time, the teacher will contact him or her to find out the reason for their absence
  • Unjustified absence can lead to the exclusion of the support lessons
  • In case of impediment, the student is required to inform the teacher as soon as possible
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