Cours d'appui

Students at the ECG can profit from a variety of forms of support lessons catering to the individual needs and level of each learner.

Support lessons à la carte (CA)

Key steps to apply for support lessons:

  • The learner who wishes to benefit from support lessons contacts the SePAS and receives the e-mail address of the corresponding teacher
  • The student sends an e-mail to the teacher and an appointment is fixed between them
  • The CA takes place at the ECG during the lunch break or after classes
  • The help offered is provided individual basis, but if teachers see that a certain number of pupils have the same problems, they can arrange group tutoring lessons
  • If the student does not show at the appointed time, the teacher will contact him to find out the reason for their absence
  • Unjustified absence can lead to the exclusion of the support lessons
  • In case of impediment, the student is required to inform the teacher as soon as possible

Schüler hëllefe Schüler (SHS)

Students who do well in a school subject and who would like to provide tutoring to their classmates can contact the SePAS to become “student-teachers.” (Latest possible registration: 3rd October 2020)

Conditions of application:

  • Participation in a “student-teacher” training course. (A certificate will be issued to the participants after successful completion.)
  • The “student-teacher” is required to have achieved high marks over the last two school years in the subject(s) that they want to teach.
  • The “student-teacher” requires a positive recommendation written by their teacher of the school subject they want to teach.
  • The “student-teacher” has to be a pupil of a 4eG, 3eG, 2eG or 1reG at the ECG.

Key steps to apply as a “student-teacher”

  • Fill in an inscription form issued by the SePAS
  • The SePAS issues a list of “student-teachers” ordered by subject and class
  • Students who would like to ask for the assistance of a student-teacher are required to contact the SePAS, which will then provide them with the phone number and e-mail address of the attributed “student-teacher.”

“Student-teachers” are paid the following indemnities:

  • 4e ESG students: 9.77€/hour
  • 3e ESG students: 12.22€/hour
  • 2e/1re ESG students: 14.66€/hour

Support classes are free of charge for students asking for assistance.

For additional information. Contact the SePAS (Tel.: 2604-5345 /

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