“Microeconomic” and “macroeconomic” challenges 

In all GCM 3rd grade classes, two challenges – one “macroeconomic” and one “microeconomic” – are developed in cooperation with the ECG’s network of external partners. The goal is to confront pupils with current economic issues, whilst encouraging them to provide their own solutions. Whereas the “macroeconomic” challenge deals with issues relating to the economy as a whole, the “microeconomic” challenge concerns itself with a specific problem facing one particular company. The topics are proposed by the ECG’s vast network of partners and they are renewed every year.

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Implementation of a challenge

The challenges are implemented in the two weekly lessons allocated to “Entrepreneurship Education”, a newly introduced subject at the ECG, and last for a period of 8 weeks. Whereas the first challenge takes place in the first semester, the second is organised during the second semester. Pupils are coached by two entrepreneurship education teachers who follow a team-teaching approach. For each challenge, an external stakeholder presents the task at hand and remains available throughout to provide occasional assistance when required. At the end of each cycle, pupils present their findings to a jury made up of their tutors, the stakeholder and in some cases, other experts in the target field.



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