Erasmus+ is a program focusing on exchange and cooperation initiated by the European Union. Its objectives are to reinforce competences, innovation and internationalisation related to education, both at secondary and higher education level. In order to achieve this, Erasmus+ is divided into several parts called “key activities,” as for example:

As an integral part of the Europe 2020 Strategy, Erasmus+ supports exchange and cooperation projects in Europe to strengthen the competences of all involved in order to improve employability, foster innovation at educational and training establishments and organisations, as well as their internationalisation, in order to promote transparent and coherent use of instruments of competence validation at a European level to allow for cooperation between both European and non-European countries.

Erasmus+ strategy at the ECG

Founded in 1970, the School of Business and Management (ECG) responds to the challenges of the economic world and welcomes students wishing to follow a technical and practical training which will allow them to enter the Luxembourgish and international job market or to continue with higher education. The School of Business and Management currently employs some 80 teachers, trains more than 600 students and provides them with modern infrastructure adapted to their specific needs.

The curriculum at the ECG is regularly adapted to the new needs of learners and the requirements of the professional world regularly.

In accord with the ECG’s official slogan “Living the future today,” all parties involved are undergoing a continuous process of development and innovation in both of the educational systems offered:

Erasmus+ exchange programs support the ECG’s process of modernisation

The exchange projects organised by the ECG are part of a sustainable strategy for the development of the training offered, whether at a general secondary education level or at BTS level. The school’s management monitors and supports these exchange programs.
These exchange programs are subsidized by the European Union within the framework of Erasmus + and make it possible to offer the opportunity and the means to learn new skills to students and teachers alike.

Erasmus+ exchange programs for teachers

The ECG wants to encourage student dynamism and encourage them to take initiatives. It is therefore
important to adapt the pedagogical approaches in order to achieve these objectives. The KA1 exchange program offers teachers the opportunity to see different methodological approaches and allows an exchange of good practice with other teachers all around Europe. All these measures should assure better teacher qualification.

Any activity within the framework of an EU-subsidized exchange program is certified by Europass.

From September 2017 to September 2019, the ECG participated in a KA1 exchange program at school level for educational staff for the first time. Several teachers participated in different activities integrated in the Erasmus+ framework:

From September 2019 to September 2021, the ECG launched a new exchange program for its teachers which quickly became popular.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

Erasmus+ exchange programs for students

Since October 2017, the ECG has upheld the Erasmus+ Charter 2014-2020.
In this context, BTS students are required to do an internship in a professional environment for 18 weeks. During this internship, students get to know the professional world and bring an independent project to fruition.
In the past, a certain number of BTS students had chosen to do their internship in a business abroad. The ECG encourages its students to take this direction, as an opening towards companies abroad will certainly benefit them in their professional lives by allowing them to develop further skills and competences.
Since the school year of 2018 / 2019, students have the possibility of doing their internship in a company abroad with financial support from the European Union through the Erasmus+ framework. Such an opportunity will contribute to higher student qualification and an increase in the quality of higher education offered at the ECG.

The Erasmus+ charter signed by the headmaster of the ECG can be found below.

Charte ECG.pdf

Erasmus+ exchange programs in the context of school partnerships

Since September 2019, the ECG has been coordinating a partnership project which it carries out together with its two partner schools:

This project will allow young people from three different European regions to meet and to exchange their thoughts on the subject of "The Euro: yesterday, today, tomorrow."
The three meetings taking place in Luxembourg in March 2020, in Italy in October 2020 and in Poland in March 2021, will allow students to strengthen their economic, linguistic and geographic knowledge. In our vision, direct contact between young people from different European settings constitutes an essential element for European cohesion.

eTwinning projects

The ECG promotes eTwinning projects in its ESG classes.
During the 2018/2019 school year, the ECG participated in two projects taking place on the eTwinning platform, allowing students to communicate with students from Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy.
From September 2019, the eTwinning project "The Euro: yesterday, today, tomorrow" has been tracing and documenting the exchange and partnership project carried out with our colleagues from Poland and Italy.

Charte Erasmus+ 2021-2027


L’ECG vient de signer la charte Erasmus+ 2021-2027 pour l’enseignement supérieur.

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Journée pédagogique


Le 8 février 2021 tout le corps enseignant de l’ECG a été invité à une journée pédagogique.
Au courant des dernières années de nombreux enseignants ont eu l’opportunité de participer à des mobilités dans le cadre Erasmus+. Lors de la journée pédagogique, les expériences vécues et les connaissances acquises étaient partagées avec tout le corps enseignant. Le but était d’analyser la possibilité d'intégrer certaines de ces méthodes et connaissances dans la vie quotidienne de l'ECG.

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Stage en entreprise à l'étranger


De février jusqu’à juin 2020 une étudiante en BTS a pu faire son stage en entreprise à l’étranger. C’est la première fois qu’une étudiante en BTS de l’ECG a profité du soutien d’une bourse Erasmus+ dans ce cadre, découvrez ici son témoignage…

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Studierees zu Bratislava


Am Kader vun eisen Erasmus+ Mobilitéiten hunn eisen Direkter Joseph Britz an dräi Enseignanten: Michèle Meyer, Maggy Kugener a Raphaël Fiorazzo eng Visitt an der Schoul Hotelovà akadémia zu Bratislava gemaach.
Den 5. an 6. Februar hunn si eenzel Enseignanten gesinn, virun allem d'Madamm Kornélia Lohynova vir iwwert déi verschidden Approchen zum Entrepreneuriat an der Schoul ze schwätzen.

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Erasmus+ teacher training course


During the first week of term 2, two of our colleagues participated in a teacher training course at Europass Teacher Academy in Florence.

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4 enseignants de l’ECG en déplacement Erasmus+


Pendant la semaine du 14 octobre, 4 de nos collègues ont participé à une formation dans le cadre du programme Erasmus +.

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Visite d’une école partenaire à Lyon


Une délégation de professeurs de l’ECG s’est déplacée à Lyon pour rendre visite aux responsables de l’école Assomption-Bellevue.

Cette visite a été réalisée dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+.
L’objet de cette visite était de favoriser la collaboration entre les deux établissements.

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Jobshadowing Tallinn


Dans le cadre du projet Erasmus, une délégation de 5 membres de l’ECG s’est déplacée à Tallinn pour un Jobshadowing à l’école Kohila Gümnaasium.

In the context of an Erasmus project, 5 members of ECG-School of Business and Management have recently travelled to Tallinn for a jobshadowing experience at Kohila Gymnasium.

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Formation des enseignants – Entrepreneuriat – Malta 2018


Dans le cadre du programme ERASMUS + mobilité des enseignants, trois enseignants de sciences économiques et sociales de l’ECG, à savoir Frank Krier, Marc Welter et Jean-Claude Miller ont eu l’opportunité de participer à une formation continue à Malte. La formation continue, intitulée « Promoting the culture of entrepreneurship » s’est tenue du 22 au 26 octobre 2018.

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Formation «Social Media in the Class Room» à Florence


Maggy Kugener, Chantal Grosch et Martine Dolar, enseignantes à l’ École de Commerce et de Gestion, Business and Management School ont participé au programme de la mobilité du personnel de l’enseignement scolaire du programme Erasmus+.

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