BTS Business and marketing manager

Post-secondary BTS education aims at the development of general and professional knowledge and skills required to take on responsibilities within an administration or a company in the private sector. It intended for motivated and versatile candidates who wish to complement their secondary education in order to increase their chances of finding a job.

Décoration (étudiants)

The BTS Business and marketing manager provides a very broad training which revolves around four key points:

  • Marketing management
  • Management techniques and tools
  • General economic and legal culture
  • Language skills (French and English)

The theoretical concepts taught during this degree are set into a Luxembourgish economic and legal context. In addition to their formal lessons, students are required to do individual and group research and synthesis projects, the results of which are regularly presented in plenary.

Since BTS studies strive to provide exhaustive training relevant to the professional world, the ECG has set installed 19-week internships to promote the autonomy of the candidates. Students conclude their training by carrying out and presenting an individual project focused on their specialty.

At the end of their studies, business and marketing managers will be versatile employees with good general knowledge, and refined understanding of business management and marketing in particular. They will be dynamic, able to work independently, and have a general understanding of negotiation techniques.
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A multitude of jobs in various sectors

Business and marketing managers will be able to find a job in small and medium-sized craft or commercial businesses, or even in administrations. Find a non-exhaustive list of example positions currently occupied by former BTS-BCM students below: sales representatives, marketing advisors in large car dealerships, customer managers, employees at communication agencies, banks or insurance companies, etc.

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Business day BTS Gestionnaire en commerce et marketing


La journée du 18 décembre a été réservée au Business day BTS Gestionnaire en commerce et marketing.

En Keynote l'ECG avait l'honneur d'accueillir Monsieur Paul Peckels, CEO, Monsieur Oliver Schwarz, Head of Digital Marketing, Monsieur Rafael Zmijewski, diplômé BTS BCM, Project Manager Digital Marketing, Luxemburger Wort qui présentaient une conférence fort intéressante sur le thème du "Media and Marketing in a digital world".

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