BTS Accounting and tax manager

BTS-level tuition aims to develop both general and professional skills, enabling graduates to take on responsibility within the private sector, an association or a public administration. It is aimed at versatile and motivated candidates who would like to complement and refine their secondary school training in order to increase their employability on the labour market.

The BTS Accounting and tax manager programme provides broadly-based tuition organised around four central pillars:

  • accounting and tax management,
  • management tools and techniques,
  • general knowledge in the field of economics and law,
  • language skills (French and English).

The theoretical concepts taught are applied to the Luxembourgish economic and legal context. In order to enable students to gain a foothold within an international economic environment, particular attention is being paid to language learning. Aside from their courses, students also carry out group-based research and stocktaking projects, the results of which are regularly presented in front of the class. In this way, the BTS programme facilitates the candidates’ smooth integration within a company and teaches them how to function as part of a team.

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In accordance with the overall vocational outlook of the BTS programme, the ECG has set up a 19-week internship which aims to promote the students’ autonomy. Students thus complete their course by implementing and presenting an individual project which is tightly linked to their chosen specialisation. Accounting and tax managers will be versatile employees with a robust general culture and sound expertise in the field of business management, accounting and taxation. They will be able to organise, implement and manage a company’s accounting, tax-related and social requirements. Moreover, they can take part in the development and communication of management information, make forecasts and lay the groundwork for decision-making. Finally, they are characterised by a strong sense of dynamism and their ability to work autonomously.

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Opportunities in a broad range of sectors

The administrative, accounting and taxation departments of private companies or the public sector are potential employers. Graduates of the Accounting and tax manager BTS programme can become active in the accounting, administrative or financial department of a company, in an accounting and tax consultancy as well as in an accounting, administrative or financial department within the public and non-profit sector.

A large number of available jobs

At the outset of your career, you can mainly serve as junior accounting and tax assistant in a small company or as a specialized accountant working as part of a team, within a larger company. You may also work as a customer relations officer or consultant (audit and consultancy firms). After having gained some professional experience, you may be promoted to take on a more executive position: chief accountant, portfolio manager, financial advisor, tax advisor….
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Business day BTS Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal


Le Business day BTS Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal organisé à l'ECG en date du jeudi, le 20 décembre 2018 a permis aux étudiants de la formation d'entrer en contact evec des professionnels de la comptabilité et de la fiscalité.

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