Are you about to graduate from high school, asking yourself which studies are appropriate for you? This choice determines your chances of succeeding in your higher studies and your professional future lies at its core. The School of Business and Management is the ideal partner for young bachelors wishing to complete their secondary education in the administrative and economic area.

Edudiants (décoration)

In 1990, the ECG was able to widen its school offer in the economic and administrative domain and offer seminars in higher education at an excellent level.
Since 2009, the BTS has enjoyed a legal basis in higher education. The BTS is a short-term study course (2 years) which can be situated at Level 5 of the Common European Framework and which has work-related purpose. The diploma proves that its holders have acquired a professional qualification and that they are able to hold jobs as qualified technicians.
These days, we welcome more than 200 students in 3 differing specialities.

  • Assistant de direction (executive assistant)
  • Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal (accounting and tax manager)
  • Gestionnaire en commerce et marketing (business and marketing manager)

General Objectives

The BTS training aims at developing knowledge and general professional competences required to endorse responsibilities in a privately-run company or state institution. This course prepares multi-faceted candidates to fully integrate a company and to work in a team.

Study features

The teaching takes place in small groups.
A team of teachers oversees and monitors the students for approximately 30 hours a week, during which students follow theory-based classes and guided practice activities. Furthermore, students are given the chance to visit companies, participate at conferences and work on their own personal projects. It is worth noticing that the language teaching which takes place across the different sections enables students to set foot more easily in our international market.
It is interesting to point out that most subjects are taught in French, thus making it possible for foreign students to enrol.
Students are assessed on the basis of the different marks obtained in the classes and modules.
Knowledge and skills are continuously assessed. In addition, there are two set of testing periods in each year. At the ECG, a BTS graduate has acquired 120 ECTS, which enables easier international student mobility.

Further strengths of our study programme

High level of professionalism at a BTS-level, which favours internships (18 weeks in the 4th semester). Employers appreciate recruiting a young workforce which is already familiar with the day-to-day running of a company.

Additional conferences

Seminars are regularly held and organised by teachers or external actors, outside the curriculum. These additional conferences span from human resources to marketing and are focused on students’ specialities.

Video showing the different BTS courses at the ECG

In this video (in Luxembourgish), broadcast on national television, you can find some testimonies and useful information regarding the BTS.

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop


Should we talk about Social Entrepreneurship as part of the economy of tomorrow or is it already a new normal?

Is it possible for the company to be extremely profitable and have a measurable social and environmental impact?

What are the successful case studies in Europe and in Luxembourg?

Last week, during two workshops with Magdalena Jakubowska from Art Square Lab, we have discussed the topic of emerging social economy and raising awareness of our students about connection of their business to the sustainable development. In ECG, young entrepreneurs will learn how to combine economic and socio-environmental value in their future companies and offer employment to those who have smart ideas for sustainable futures!

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Coaching sur le recrutement pour les étudiants en BTS Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal


Une responsable du recrutement de KPMG a assuré une séance de coaching pour les étudiants en BTS Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal, le 17.12.20, via TEAMS.

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En date du 18 janvier 2021, la commission d’accréditation a effectué une visite sur site.
Des entrevues ont eu lieu avec les membres du groupe curriculaire composé des responsables de l’Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion (ECG), de la représentante du Barreau de Luxembourg, de la Chambre des notaires et des Fiduciaires, du représentant de la Chambre des huissiers et de la représentante des autorités judiciaires.
Cette nouvelle formation vise par un programme élaboré en concertation étroite avec tous les enseignants et les professionnels à tenir compte des spécificités exigées par les différentes professions juridiques et à répondre aux attentes du monde professionnel.
À l’issue de la procédure d’accréditation la nouvelle formation devrait pouvoir être assurée à l’ECG à compter de la rentrée scolaire 2021/2022.

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Offre de stages 2021


Votre entreprise est à la recherche d’un ou de plusieurs étudiants/stagiaires dans les domaines suivants :
• Assistant de direction ;
• Gestionnaire comptable et fiscal ;
• Gestionnaire en commerce et marketing.

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Coaching sur le recrutement pour les étudiants en Assistant de direction


Les responsables de KPMG ont assuré une séance de coaching pour les étudiants en Assistant de direction, le 16.12.20, via TEAMS.

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Social entrepreneurship and futures thinking


Conference for the BTS students in “Business and marketing manager”

An interesting conference was given yesterday by Magdalena Jakubowska from Art Square Lab.

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La cérémonie de remise des diplômes BTS et des prix a eu lieu le vendredi 16 octobre 2020 au Grand auditoire de la Maison du savoir du Campus Belval à Esch-sur-Alzette.

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Conférence sur le nouveau plan comptable


Depuis le 01.01.20 un nouveau Plan Comptable Normalisé (PCN) est applicable au Grand-Duché.
Les professionnels du métier doivent se conformer aux changements, mais aussi les élèves et étudiants.
Monsieur Luxembourger de KPMG a tenu une conférence sur le nouveau plan comptable à l’ECG.

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ECG et KPMG : Partenariat prolongé


La convention signée entre l’ECG et KPMG en octobre 2018 est prolongée.

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Journée Marché du travail, édition 2019


Jeudi le 19 décembre 2019 a eu lieu la traditionnelle Journée Marché du travail.

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